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When you purchase books through our Extreme Overflow Publishing bookstore, our authors earn their FULL royalty. Once an order is placed, please note that orders cannot be altered or cancelled. In addition to your shipping option choice, please allow 3-5 business days for printing.

SoulGasm-For Men


What makes a man a man? Is it the life he leads or the lead he follows? Have Tango, Choice, Ramello and Minister Joe, figured it out? Or is their manhood lost in between the pew and the cold streets?


This book will tour the country as a resource for "The Man Event." The Man Event is a men's only discussion purposed to diminish the disconnect of men's issue's concerning identity, purpose and position in the community and the home.


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Children's Books

Friends Forever

This book is about friendship and forgiveness. This 7 year old author loves his friends. He appreciates the value of friendship and understands the importance of forgiveness. Share this book with other young readers, they will all enjoy!

Poppin Beans

Poppin Beans, is a story that celebrates the power of building family tradition-the building blocks of the soul; building blocks that create positive bonds and unforgettable memories.

This illustrated book for 7-10+ year old children is perfect for reading to your children or grandchildren and is a great tool for use in libraries, book clubs, day cares, churches or home schools.

Amare & The Blue Chipmunk

Amare Lewis is a lovable nine year old child with the a genius imagination. Diagnosed with Autism at age three. Amare uses his creativity to pull you into his world of family and fun. This book is written for all children ages 7-10 years old. Amare is very excited about his first book and hopes that both parents and children will enjoy reading this bed time adventure.

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