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FINDYOUR TRIBE is The Ultimate Client Attraction Workshop Helping Authors And Business Owners Save Time, Enroll Clients And Generate Sales So They Can Increase, Impact, And Income.

*Limited Time Offer Of $97 (One-Time Payment) Normally $147


You Knew EXACTLY What To Say To Your Target Audience To INSTANTLY Build Trust, Engage, And Sell Your Product Or Service Without The DAILY Stress Of Worrying Where The Next Client Is Coming From.

...there's a much easier way to engage your audience and grow your sales in a fraction of the time.

*Limited Time Offer Of $97 (One-Time Payment) Normally $147

You Already Know . . .



Going Live More DOESN'T WORK. You were already a nervous wreck but you went live anyway only to find it added no new income.


Writing More Blog Posts/Articles DOESN'T WORK. It sounds like a good idea but it took forever and it was really exhausting.


Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Ummm... no one has time to really do this!

To Authentically

Engage Online

Where does this leave you?



What am I doing WRONG!


We've Discovered

There's A New Way To Save Time, & Avoid Engagement Challenges

When you know exactly how to get in front of the right people who will value your expertise and care about what you have to say, the engagement challenge is OVER!

*Limited Time Offer Of $97 (One-Time Payment) Normally $147


What if you could make money consistently (daily, even) and have a full calendar of connection calls that are potential clients?

A Simple Way To Engage with

Your Tribe And Check off all the boxes for business growth

Increase In Income

Higher Quality Leads

Expert Positioning

Make HUGE Impact

Never Again Will You . . .

Get Stuck In The Shiny Object Cyclone

You can feel it in your bones. It's time to stop spiraling into worry about likes, followers, and subscribers because guess what? You cannot pay any bills with LIKES! But You can pay bills with CASH when you Find Your Tribe.

*Limited Time Offer Of $97 (One-Time Payment) Normally $147

What's Included:

  • RoadMap

    • Getting Clear On Your Target Audience (the right people who value your expertise)

    • Getting Clear On Your Offer

    • Mastering In-Demand Conversation

    • The Mind-Behavior Secrets Of Selling

    • The Science Behind Making An Impact

  • Live Q&A  With Yolanda Lewis, Founder & Publishing Expert

    • Get direct access to ask anything about what products work, what sales sell best, how to upsell or about anything else you're building

    • Get commitment and accountability to make sure you're not stuck, overwhelmed or unsure going forward

  • BONUS!

    • Workbook with support tools to include a time management calendar and... 

    • ...DINNER! (yum yum)

........................ Value: $897

........................ Value: $1,247

........................ Value: $147

TOTAL VALUE: $2,291.00




*Limited Time Offer Of $97 (One-Time Payment) Normally $147

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