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“Encouragement Along The Way" by Extreme Overflow Publishing Author Cynthia L. Russell

A life threatening health scare was the beginning of Cynthia L. Russell’s compelling story of triumph where she found hope in the stories of life around her. From the moment she received a negative diagnosis, Cynthia pressed through the sadness, fatigue, and loss of hope. In fear of the worst possible scenario, she started a journey to comfort her anxiety with kindness, the promises of God and power of testimony. “Like the good Samaritan, we are to be a blessing to others by showing kindness and good deeds,” says author Cynthia L. Russell. The stories shared in her book can benefit anyone who has been disappointed by an outcome that didn’t go as expected or others who have lost motivation for life, and are in dire need supportive positivity. Her message of inspiration and encouragement can help make your journey a little easier sprinkled with hope that will be felt by every reader. Cynthia helps invoke the courage to overcome and not give up or throw in the towel when life throws you a punch in the gut. Her book shares hope with laughter, peace and kindness. The official date of release is Saturday, October 29, 2022 at 9:00 am in Boston, MA on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles websites.

Extreme Overflow Publishing is a subsidiary of Extreme Overflow Enterprises, Inc., a full-service publishing company. Extreme Overflow Publishing is committed to the empowerment of storytellers and motivating professional achievement. In response to the growing market of self publishing authors, Extreme Overflow Publishing’s services include publishing, writing coaching, ghost writing, brand development and marketing. Visit Extreme Overflow Publishing to get more information on events, workshops, publishing packages, and marketing services.

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