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The Adventures of Sissy & Jon-Jon” by Extreme Overflow Publishing Author Vonzia Phillips

DACULA, May 16, 2023/Extreme Overflow Publishing/ - - Having traveled to over 120 countries, the adventure of travel has led Vonzia Phillips to endless cultural experiences to share. Having traveled to over 120 countries, across six continents, Vonzia Phillips considers her expansive world travels as both a blessing and the most profound education. She has enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and visiting schools abroad. From her enriched cultural experiences, she awakened a desire to introduce families to the joy of International travel. “There is no better time than now to travel abroad,” says author Vonzia Phillips. In her children’s book, The Adventures of Sissy & Jon-Jon: Getting a Passport, Vonzia encourages children and their parents to dream big, apply for passports, and/or use the ones they already have to explore new places. Readers will enjoy the story of twin siblings, Sissy and Jon-Jon's adventures through travel and understand the privilege that it is. From this children’s book, Vonzia Phillips hopes to inspire travel and cultural exchange through this story. The official date of release: Tuesday, May 16, 2023 at 9:00 am EST on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles websites. Extreme Overflow Publishing is a subsidiary of Extreme Overflow Enterprises, Inc., a full-service publishing company. Extreme Overflow Publishing is committed to the empowerment of storytellers and motivating professional achievement. In response to the growing market of self publishing authors, Extreme Overflow Publishing’s services include publishing, writing coaching, ghost writing, brand development and marketing.

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