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After finishing this workshop, WE GUARANTEE You'll

Always Know EXACTLY What To Say To Your Target Audience To Get Them To Increase Engagement!

"...It's Like You Read My Mind!"

Wouldn't it feel amazing to hear this from your following (tribe)?


After you've spent months or even years mustering up the courage to share your story and your message, it is rewarding to know that what you put out the world was valuable to someone else. 

The problem is, most authors and entrepreneurs don't get to hear statements like this because:

  1. They have no idea who their target audience is 

  2. They have no idea about what they need

  3. They have no idea how to communicate that they can provide it AND here's the big one...

  4. THEY HAVE NO IDEA what they're doing!  


Frustrating right?


The good news is we have a SIMPLE solution designed to give you relief and SUCCESS! 


In the video, you heard the WHAT you need to do, but at the Find Your Tribe Workshop you'll become a MASTER at the HOW to secrets of client attraction.

THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU... if you are a serious author and entrepreneur looking to make a greater impact in your business and life as an author, coach or consultant by INCREASING PROFITABLY through connection & engagement!


Group Seflie

From This Workshop Session You Will:


  • Understand The Power of Being In-Demand: Determine which of your Products/Expertise is the most relevant to your target audience  

  • Start Immediately: Explore content creation specific to your brand/business that will bring you an immediate connection 

  • Use Analytics: Determine who needs your product and how they're searching for what you have to offer

  • Make an Impact: Eliminating the wrong words, forever

  • Get Social: Connect with your audience using culture-shaking strategies




Learn how to identify and connect your message to market demand




Identify your target audience and learn how to use social media and analytics to your advantage in creating content.



"Command & Connect" 

Learn how to position your brand for content creation and high engagement.




Learn exactly how to speak to your target audience and become the top respected go-to person in your industry.

Next Workshop Session:

Classes are held on:  

Saturdays from 9:30 am - 12:00 pm AND Thursdays from 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Only 35 Seats Available Per Workshop

Thursday - March 26, 2020

Brockton, MA

Holiday Inn


Thursday - April 16, 2020 

Atlanta, GA

Residence Inn Dunwoody

$99 Early bird

Ends 2/14/2020

Saturday - March 28, 2020 

Brockton, MA

Holiday Inn

Workshop Fee (per person)

Saturday - April 18, 2020 

Atlanta, GA

Residence Inn Dunwoody

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