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Unlock Your Author Success with "The Accelerator"
Business Accelerator Program!

Are you an author, eager to turn your book into a thriving source of income?


Imagine going from published to PAID, skyrocketing from $0 to $10k months!


We don't just help authors dream big – we make those dreams a reality.

"The Accelerator" is not just a program; it's your ticket to transforming your authorship into a lucrative business.


We specialize in guiding authors like you through a carefully crafted 4-part business planning framework designed to elevate your success. Delivered via Zoom over an intensive 4-week period, this program is the ultimate game-changer for

turning your passion into profit.


Session Investment: $1,250


Christina, S., Author & CEO of A.C.E.S Group Consulting

Your brand and business will break free from any plateau and soar into a new stratosphere! 


The accelerator program shifts your mindset, challenges you as the entrepreneur to confidently embrace your identity and value, and unlocks the door to solidifying your brand and increasing your revenue. As a result of this accelerator program, I know exactly what I need to do to take my business to the next level!

Why Choose "The Accelerator"?

  • Narrow in on Your Message: We help you crystallize your unique voice and message, making your writing resonate with your target audience. No more struggling to stand out – we'll help you shine.

  • Create an Irresistible Offer: Crafting an offer that captivates your readers is an art. Let us guide you in developing an irresistible package that not only enhances your book sales but opens up new revenue streams.

  • Strategic Marketing Mastery: Beyond your book, there's a world of possibilities. We'll teach you how to strategically market your offer, turning casual readers into loyal customers. Learn the secrets to digital marketing, social media, and more!

  • 4-Part Business Planning Framework: Our proven framework covers everything from defining your target audience to scaling your business. You'll gain the skills and insights needed to build a sustainable and profitable author brand.

For only $1,250, you can secure a transformative lifestyle that

goes beyond the pages of your book.

With "The Accelerator," you're not just investing in a program; you're investing in a future where your words not only inspire but also generate substantial income.

(pay in full)

Sheena in red.jpg

Sheena, T., Author & CEO of Premier Elite Marketing

Working with Mrs. Lewis through the accelerator program has really allowed me to take my ideas and market them to my niche customers to bring my vision to life!


Her creativity and unique brand strategy using the accelerator marketing system allowed my company to launch to newer heights, creating visibility to my services and awareness to my target audience which has gained new leads that turned into an increase in sales volumes! I highly recommend anyone that needs exposure to let her company take you to the next level in your business plan!

What's Included:

  • Weekly live sessions with an industry expert

  • Interactive workshops and exercises

  • Personalized feedback on your marketing plan

  • Exclusive access to a supportive community of fellow authors

  • Bonus resources and materials to accelerate your progress

Don't let your potential remain untapped. Join "The Accelerator" now and unlock the door to a future where your passion becomes your paycheck!


Spaces are limited.


Click "Enroll Now" and let's accelerate your author success together!

(pay in full)

(payment arrangement available)

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