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How Do You Go From "Point A" to "Point PAID"?

Every author in business wants to know how to get from where they are to the place of profitable, measurable, and sustainable success.


In a 4-hour strategy coaching session, you will identify streams of income you didn't know existed, discover the expert niche only you can bring to the table, and unveil the road to get there. 


Professional Woman

As a publisher, we've learned that...

  • Most authors don't know what their expertise is 

  • Authors don't know what to do with their book after publishing

  • Authors get stuck translating their book into a profitable business

The Branding and Marketing Accelerated Coaching is designed to give you the SECRET formula for getting paid for what you know in just 4 hours!

Session Investment: $1,250

(payment arrangement available)


Christina, S., Author & CEO of A.C.E.S Group Consulting

Your brand and business will break free from any plateau and soar into a new stratosphere! 


The accelerator program shifts your mindset, challenges you as the entrepreneur to confidently embrace your identity and value, and unlocks the door to solidifying your brand and increasing your revenue. As a result of this accelerator program, I know exactly what I need to do to take my business to the next level!


From this Accelerated Coaching Session you will:

  • Discover your TRUE niche 

  • Identify Your PROFITABLE expertise

  • Uncover 5 streams of hidden income 

  • Create your signature talk outline

  • Create an irresistible Brand Strategy AND

  • Develop a Killer Media Marketing Plan

Sheena in red.jpg

Sheena, T., Author & CEO of Premier Elite Marketing

Working with Mrs. Lewis through the accelerator program has really allowed me to take my ideas and market them to my niche customers to bring my vision to life!


Her creativity and unique brand strategy using the accelerator marketing system allowed my company to launch to newer heights, creating visibility to my services and awareness to my target audience which has gained new leads that turned into an increase in sales volumes! I highly recommend anyone that needs exposure to let her company take you to the next level in your business plan!

Start The Journey To Making A Profitable Strategy Today!

Session Investment: $1,250

(payment arrangement available)

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