How Would It Feel to Be Recognized as the Go-to Expert

in your field?

If you've ever envisioned yourself speaking on a stage or being interviewed on TV for your knowledge, you've dreamt of being an expert. 


With a 3 step writing, branding, and marketing system, you can experience the radical transformation of being someone with an idea to actually being recognized as an expert. 


As a publisher, we've learned that...

  • Only 1 in 4 writers finish publishing their idea for a book 

  • 89% of Authors believe they can make a living from writing

  • 68% of Authors lose hope trying to figure out how to build create and grow a profitable brand they can live off of



The Launchpad Program™ is designed to get you to a place of author success in just 3 months!

Patricia, B., Author, Divine Success & Workplace Coach

MASTERFUL!!! That's my one word for the Launchpad program. Being 60+, never too old to learn is my motto. I appreciate and honor the god-sent skills of coach Yolanda that catapulted me to my next level.

From this program you will:

  • Finish writing & Publish Your Book Idea 

  • Identify Your Target Audience

  • Create an irresistible Expert Brand 

  • Develop a Killer Media Marketing Plan

  • Get tips on how to Automate your launch

  • Weekly Coaching with a Writing & Branding Expert

  • Unlimited Access to a Marketing Coach

  • Weekly Strategy Consultations

Lynnita, B., Author & Student-Athlete Parent Coach

Extreme Overflow Publishing provided me with excellent services! I was highly encouraged through the entire Launchpad Program process! I highly recommend anyone who has a story to tell and doesn’t think they can write a book to go through Extreme Publishing and I guarantee you will have a book in a couple of months! 

Start Becoming An Expert Authority Today!

Total Program Investment: $ 5,000

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