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Frequently Asked Questions



FAQ's About Publishing 

How long does it take to publish? 


For a motivated author, the process takes 4-6 weeks.

How difficult is it to publish? 


The process for publishing is not difficult. We publish in three phases:

  • Phase 1 - Development (review and preparation for editing)

  • Phase 2 - Packaging (editing, cover design, and typesetting)

  • Phase 3 - Go to Market (announcement and distribution)

What is an ISBN? 


An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is your books "social security number."  It serves as the numerical identifier of your book and for your publisher.

Who owns the rights to my book? 


You do. All copyright and Library of Congress Catalog entries are filed in the name of the author. 

I am no longer with my first publisher. Can you help me republish?  


Absolutely! We can republish your book for a fraction of the cost to publish in most cases. Contact us to learn more information. 

Is there a minimum number of books I have to order?  


No. Authors use a member only login to order any number of books they desire, at wholesale price. There is no minimum number of books that you have to order.



FAQ's About Marketing

Can you help me market my book? 


Yes. We help you to identify the marketing strategies best for your book through book marketing consultations and launch services, no matter the publishing phase you are in. We believe that it is never too late to begin the discussion about book marketing strategies. 



FAQ's About Editing

Can I speak with or communicate directly with my editor? 


No. Extreme Overflow's editing service takes on a more streamlined approach to editing. Through this approach, we're able to provide you the most competitive fees for the same professional service as a large publishing house.

How do editing services work? 


We offer copyediting al la carte AND within every publishing package.  


Our editing services:

  • Check for typographical errors, spelling errors, and consistency aspects.

  • Correct grammatical and linguistic errors, attention to punctuations such as commas, semicolons, quotation marks, etc.

  • Review for accurate and consistent language and character usage

  • Turn time: 7 to 14 business days

Writing Coaching


FAQ's About Writing Coaching

What is writing coaching and Who is it for? 


Writing coaching keeps you accountable for writing and finishing your book.  You are ready for writing coaching when:

  • You feel stuck in your idea flow

  • You finished writing your book but are not sure if it is done

  • You haven't started writing and have been sitting on the idea for too long

Is editing included in the writing coaching? 


The writing coaching service provides: 

  • Direction of awkward constructions and suggestions to make sentences crisper and tighter by fixing redundancy and verbosity without a full rewrite.

  • Review of key aspects of the manuscript—the narrative, vocabulary, structure, characterization, style, and development.

  • Reviews for typographical errors, spelling errors, grammar issues, and inconsistencies.

How long is the process?

For a motivated writer, the process takes 1-3 months.

What happens when I finish coaching? 


You are more confident as a writer, more self-aware as an individual, and are ready for publishing!  

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