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Samples & Art Process

Painterly Process
After the above sketch was made, the painting was created with acrylic paint on canvas. The second painting was motivated by the first painting. By enlarging the little girl, the red wagon, and the budding leaf (from the top of the dirt pile), a composition was create for the second painting also done in acrylic on canvas. Both paintings were scanned into the computer for further manipulation.
Computer Aided Design (CAD) Process


Enlarged, slightly detailed drawing of boy from thumbnail

Enlarged, slightly detailed drawing of truck from thumbnail

Computer manipulated drawings

Attention given to details of scene

Final illustration

CAD Process
After reading a manuscript several times, the thought process begins with thumbnail sketches. Next thumbnails are numbered and those considered for the final book are worked further. Research is done to assist with accuracy of images. Once a reworked thumbnail is scanned into the computer, texture, pattern, and geographic shapes are the focus to create the final illustration.
Illustrated Children's Books
Book Summary
Poppin Beans, is a story that celebrates the power of building family tradition-the building blocks of the soul; building blocks that create positive bonds and unforgettable memories. Presented in an easy to read story format that applies a real life scenario, this illustrated book for 7-10+ year old children is perfect for reading to your children or grandchildren and is a great tool for use in libraries, book clubs, day cares, churches or home schools.
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