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Fish Tales

NEW! Children's Book Beta Program 
The fastest way to turning dreams into beautifully illustrated stories!

Are you ready to bring your Children's book idea to life?

For a limited time, we created a faster way to get you there using AI.

Step into a new World with AI Illustration in Just Three Simple Steps:

  1. Pick Your Style: Choose your style – 3D, Cartoon, Sketch, or Watercolor and we'll tailor the visuals to bring your story to life in the most enchanting way possible.

  2. Describe Your Character: Choose your characters eye, hair and skin color, and we'll make them a reality with advanced AI technology, capturing the hearts of young readers.

  3. Submit Your Story: Share the magic of your narrative, and we will expertly typeset and publish your children's book. 


Why Join Our Beta Program?

  • ✓ 15 AI-Illustrations: Enjoy the luxury of 15 meticulously crafted AI illustrations that seamlessly complement your storytelling. Each illustration is a work of art, enhancing your narrative with visual brilliance.

  • ✓ Professional Typesetting and Publishing: Skip the hassle – we've got it covered! Our team will handle the typesetting and publishing processes, ensuring your book meets the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

  • ✓ Affordable Limited-Time Offer: Seize this opportunity at an unbeatable price of $500! Act fast, as this exclusive beta program won't last forever. Prices will go up. 

  • ✓ Supporting Authors' Dreams: We believe in the power of storytelling. This offer is our way of supporting aspiring authors like you, making the dream of publishing a children's book more accessible than ever!

For only $500, you can finally publish your children's book.

This limited-time offer is a gateway to turning your children's book dream into reality. Don't miss out – secure your spot in our beta program now and embark on a journey where creativity knows no bounds!

Note: The beta program is subject to availability. Act now to secure your place in this unique opportunity.

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