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"Sanity" by Extreme Overflow Publishing Author Domenic Zarrella, Offers the Idea of Hope to Those Wh

Dacula, GA, April 24, 2022 --( A manic psychotic episode was the beginning of Domenic Zarrella’s compelling story of triumph over the menace of mental illness. From the lived experience of Bipolar Disorder with Psychotic Features at the age of 34, Domenic suffered the sadness, fatigue, and self-medication through alcohol for twelve years until being diagnosed. In fear of the worst possible scenario, he started a journey of wellness. “The only thing stronger

fear is faith,” says author, Domenic Zarrella. His insights into the mystery of mental illness can benefit anyone afflicted by it, and their loved ones. His message of hope that the mentally ill can triumph through the advancements achieved in medications, counseling, and awareness will be felt by every reader. Domenic helps you understand what goes on inside the mind of a loved one when they may appear to do crazy things. His book explodes with insights on the resources that can be helpful in recovery and life after a mental breakdown. The official date of release is Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at 9:00 am in Boston, MA on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles websites. Extreme Overflow Publishing is a subsidiary of Extreme Overflow Enterprises, Inc., a full-service publishing company. Extreme Overflow Publishing is committed to the empowerment of story tellers and motivating professional achievement. In response to the growing market of self publishing authors, Extreme Overflow Publishing’s services include publishing, writing coaching, ghost writing, brand development and marketing. Visit Extreme Overflow Publishing to get more information on events, workshops, publishing packages, and marketing services.


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