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Your Book is Hiding These 3 Things!

Yes, we know you wrote your book. However, your book is hiding something from you. It's something that's going to make you a better author. A world changer. A difference maker. Your book has been hiding at least three things you need to get to the next level.

Did You Know?

Authors miss the benefit of acknowledging these three things all the time.

The good thing is you're not like most authors. You won't miss the value of these three things because we're going to expose them. Then, you can embrace them. You will find ways to implement these hidden jewels into your branding and marketing routine, right?

#1 Personal Strengths Once you've completed the writing process and publishing journey, its time to reflect. Spend some time thinking about what went great and what you learned about yourself along the way. Then, concentrate on the good things; your strengths, to become a master at what is revealed. In your exploration, you may find that before you became a published author you were nervous, timid, and soft-spoken. After a few tears, disappointments, and the launch of your book, you're not afraid of anything! You've heard the best and the worst and are now a completely new and evolved person. Go with it! Continue becoming and developing the strengths that have unveiled themselves during your journey. Doing so leads to the arrival of true greatness.

#2 Target Audience Interest By now, your target audience may be raving about your book. Or not. Regardless, listen to the feedback. See what your audience wants to know more about. Pay attention to what questions they ask about characters, places, or even your journey. You may be surprised to learn about what resonated with your audience the most. This will give you an idea of how to approach your next phase beit another book, or an entirely different avenue! The key here is to keep the conversation going by listening.

#3 Products For every one book, there are five different streams of income every author should be earning from. Within those streams are products or programs that spin-off from your book. This means that if you notice, through research, Chapter 5 of your book turned out to be an awesome teaching on dog grooming, that is your sign to create a complimentary product to go with it. Your audience is expecting to connect with more of you, after reading your book. Provide them with what they want and maximize it!  

Want More... Learn how to maximize all of the greatness your book is hiding, at our next Branding & Marketing Workshop.

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